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BDA / Emergency Responder Radio Systems

Ballou Fire is please to Partner with Honeywell Fire on our BDA “Bi-directional Amp” / ERRS “Emergency responders Radio Systems” in offering our in building Life safety antenna solution.

Our in-building UL 2524 Listed BDA / ERRS enhancement systems are designed as an extension of the emergency responder’s public safety radio system. It is important that they are properly designed, tested, and registered with FCC.

At Ballou Fire we ensure that all systems are deployed permitted, maintained, and tested in accordance with current building code and FCC requirements.

We ensure that all our deliverables are designed, built, and installed in full compliance with the FCC rules and the current building, IFC and NFPA codes and standards. Each BDA system must be compatible with the public safety radio system specified and approved by the local AHJ and each radio system is different and unique in its requirements.

Ballou Fire is proud to announce that we have multiple on staff FCC and GROL licensed employees.